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Goldfish Red Comets

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Goldfish Cyprinus rubrofuscus Amur carp for sale

Sarasso Comets

Our comets are a mixture of the common goldfish and a variety of Sarasa comets.

This mixture in genetics makes for the strongest, hardiest and healthiest fish available. The comets range in color from orange, red,

white and black. The body of the comets are long and full and the tails vary in length from

short to long. These fish are very social, make great pets and are easy to maintain.

Average Life: 15+ years; Have been known to live 40+ years

Average Max Length: 10-12”

Preferred Water Temperature: 68-72°F

Diet: Fish Food, Algae, Plant Matter, Fish fry, Fish eggs, Crustaceans, Insects and Mosquito Larvae

Compatibility: Other Goldfish Species, Koi and Tadpoles

Experience: Beginner

Recommended Habitat: 20 gallons, 18” depth for outside pond

Rang of Sizes: 1-2”, 2-3”, 3-4”, 4-5”, 5-6”, 6-8”