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                                                 How We Got Started and what happened. 

 The original plan in 1977 was to build houses, but the county will not let us we are zoned agricultural, farm use only so we became farmers including fish farming. A new natural method of farming "Aquaponics" followed . Now we ship Channel catfish, Rainbow trout aka Steelhead, Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Tilapia and water plants all over the world. In 2020 is the year partnered with Poole Fisheries to sell Goldfish including Fancy Goldfish, Comets, Rosey Reds aka Flathead Minows. 
. The Trouble in River City Livestock animals that have become domesticated by being confined and grown for food by the humane population versus those that do not want people to raise their own food. In River city they are using laws meant to protect states game animals to infringe and ultimately prevent folks from raising fish as they do other animals, which is their right, like cows, pigs, chickens and ducks all livestock. Those charged with upholding the law have reached to everyone’s waters. The right to grow your own food is just as important as the right to keep and bear arms. The right to protect you, your family your property and that includes Livestock. The definition of game fish is by the game people. State waters / state people Game Fish Private waters agriculture people Livestock Fish Just because an agency is responsible for a species in state waters. That does not give them the right to infringe on people's God given rights. Private waters same species Livestock Fish What is missing in the discussion is where is it? The where tells what it is! An example a boy is a student in the classroom, an athlete on the playing field, a soldier on a battlefield. Fish are livestock when they are in their owners water. They are the state's Game fish when they are in state waters. Grow your own food you need a permit? How can anyone justify such a position? Few try the Kamer Rouge in Cambodia did and backed it up with an AK47 Assault rifle, but civilization in the form of the peoples Army of Vietnam put them in check. The Nazis under Hitler justified it based on Race assumptions, no facts needed. If they are Fish or if they are Jew they need a permit, period. Not, Cows, Pigs, Chickens and Ducks they got no Fins, you do not need a permit, If they got fins? You need a Fin permit, because they got! Fins! You need a Fin permit it is the law. So says the fish policeman. A ticket for a live fish to travel to anywhere, down the road a ways, or across country you need a Fin permit. It all depends on who you ask who are the Fish police? Only in Illinois did I find such an institution run very well for government place of business. Most will tell you fish police that is Fish and Wildlife or simply I don know and care less. The States make the Animal laws, most states have verbiage to the effect as not required in Aquaria, for example. Oregon game fish law says except Aqauria. They go all the way and define Aqauria in the law the declare it in see, ORS 635-007-600 3a. “Aquaria use means holding fish in closed systems where untreated effluent does not enter state waters.” Aquaria is a place, a category of things, a boundary, an esthetically part any category. Like a City, County, State all area's of a country. Add the word for water Aqua which is self evidenced to it's meaning of water thru out ages ancient Latin. The part about “where untreated effluent does not enter state waters” is very boundary specific, A boundary that those known as the Fish Police do not recognize. That is the problem in River City and it effects your right to grow your own food. A God given right that no man or women or group thereof can take from you, but yet they do. Is that right? Is it a violation of our civil rights? I have always been a fisherman, I remember the first fish I ever caught age six, tall grass and all I had to do was drop the worm on my hook in the water, which I did despite the tall grass, which was so tall because I was so short, but the joy and excitement that almost 12 inch Rainbow trout brought on was exhilarating. The water was no larger than a medium sized ditch, it is better described, as the upper reach of the Plat river in Carbon County Wyoming near Rawlins It was one of my Dads favorite fishing spots he called it “The little Plat”. The Idea of Fish farming was planted when a Realtor buddy in Alaska said: “I just had the most flavorful fish I have ever had! Tilapia” Alaska has the greatest fishery in the world and for another Alaskan to say “most flavorful fish” It had to be special. So I checked it out. It turns out, more Tilapia are consumed from Fish farms than other spieces of farmed fish, that's like number one. So the idea began with Tilapia the most flavorful fish in the world. The flavor is almost undetectable as most chefs love Tilapia because it takes on the flavor of the seasoning better than any other fish. Getting The license was first step a modest fee and a short application and off to the state of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife I got a call from a man at Fish and Wildlife his first name was Guy. He was the man to go to at fish and Wild life for propagators like me just call me, “Guy” for all your questions he explained. The one question he had that day was water rights do I have any, and the answer needed a document he explained. So I got a letter from the state's Master Master, it said I could dig a hole in the ground and expose the water, I could put fish in the water, I could take fish out of the water, but I could not take water out of the hole or the ground, with out a license. The next thing Guy said a state Biologist will come out and make an inspection next week. The Biologist came out walked around said very little, except he did warn “Your going to have predator problems” Guy told me we had been approved for a fish propagation license, but we could not sell Tilapia, that would take permission from the Fish commission. That he could not help me with and he could not name a person I could talk to. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is run by are a group of commissionaires, a seven-member volunteer board. Its monthly meetings are open to the public. Commission members are appointed by the Governor. That is what I knew but, Guy, he was not saying. So I looked them up in the phone book. I got a hold of the chairman’s secretary wow this lady explained the whole process and gave the name and number of a staff person, I will refer to as the “staff Guy” that would guide me through out the process so we could sell Tilapia, the fish we could sell were Trout, Channel catfish, Bass, Crappie, Bluegill and later Gambusia aka “western Mosquito fish” (Gambusia affinis) a fish that showed up in all the holes we dug. The staff guy explained we had to start with the Department of State and gave me the phone number so I called them they were quite accommodating, but they soon ask for a continuance sighting problems in scheduling, which I immediately agreed to another month went by and I got a time and date to meet the commissioners. The meeting was at the state's Department of Fish and Wild office, a big room in a big building with lots of people it was larger than the county commissioners meeting I attended Eugene smaller than the state's assembleym but similar as the commissionaire sat elevated above the rest. An audience of Participants sat in rows of chair with staffed tables in the back and to the sides an impressive setting. At the front table were stacks of the meeting 's agenda so I took one and sat down. The agenda included several different things but near the end was my proposed change in the law. Just the way I had drafted it. The law had been changed by the same process a couple of years earlier, but is was vague not actually granting the right to sell only propagate and only one species of Tilapia was mentioned. The 3 Most Common Types of Tilapia are, Nile Tilapia, Blue Tilapia, Mozambique Tilapia. I changed that to all species of Tilapia and the part about transportation permit to be furnish by the Propagator instead of the Department. When the chairman came to Tilapia my name was called I rose spoke briefly to the point and sat down then a couple of staff guys spoke in my support then a staff guy that seemed lost and out of place spoke against my proposal the commissioners then voted unanimously in favor of my proposal. The man who spoke against my proposal seemed confused and was then conferring with a person unknown at one of the side tables. I approached a lady of distinction at the main side table. The information table I presumed and ask who the man was the lady replied she did not know who he was, probably a new guy she said, but she identified the mam he was talking to as the Department head of the Wildlife Division. The assigned Guy then told me in, a down beat tone “the Integrity Committee had the final say and they were part of the Wildlife side of the Department their meeting was next month” I then approached the Guy I had been told was the head of the Wildlife Division and ask about the Integrity committee, only to be told “Wait I am busy” I was soon approached by another man This was a polite, self confident person that explained the commissioners voted ,but the “Integrity committee” was in charge they made the final decision, I could attend their meeting if I wanted too. I attended the Integrity committee by phone the man in charge was the same one who spoke against my suggested change change. This time he had lots of confidence and not confused at all. One of the committee members told me that they had information not available to the public that made it clear that one species of Tilapia “Aura aka Blue tilapia was cold weather tolerant and they could not allow it to live in Oregon. But they would allow four species of Tilapia that should be enough and I should attend the next Commission meeting. I did and it was totally a different type of meeting it was obvious the fix was in and I was out ,but it was mission accomplished and no big deal the fish that they had discriminated against was the very fish that Jesus fed to the multitudes of thousands out of one small basket it made since in a grotesque fashion and the whole affair opened my eyes as to the trouble ahead. The guy named Guy was in charge and he was a marvelous public servant, he solved every problem as they came up, most problems were the individual biologist in the individual districts being Individuals. One day he said in what, I recall as frustration. “You can contact the individual biologist yourself” I will send you a Map a copy of the Districts with the biologist name and phone number. Call them not me from now on. I did as he said and soon realized why his frustration they were mostly busy and did not like to be bothered with “Fin trip permits” Just like the ones who spoke in favor of my original proposal, the one that failed, the one naming the Propagators as responsible for the Fin Trip permitting instead of the area Biologist. Everything went OK while Guy was in charge until the day armed men showed up at my home these were not young uniformed public servant police, but the real fish cops mature smooth talking officers of the law, Trooper Jim Buchholtz of the Oregon State police and Paul Montuori Special agent Office of Law Enforcement U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who did most of the talking he was quite personable and professional. Trooper Buchholz the state Trooper, was like every Oregon State Trooper I have ever met extremely professional and to the point “if you ship Fish with out a permit, to an Oregon address I would be arrested and charged period” Outside of Oregon was not his jurisdiction. Clear and to the point. Special Agent Montuori he was the real talker of the two and was the one who told me our conversation was being recorded and if I lied to them it would be a felony on my part. I will call him Marshal White Hat not to be confused with Marshal Black Hat yet to come. I remembered what happened to one of the Presidents men who was arrested and charged after a casual conversation with G men from the FBI, so I took a while to think through my answers. The question he ask was, “have you shipped any fish any place out of the United States the answer was no, I had tried to ship some to a Canadian up north, but was unable to get the United Parcel Service label to print, do to my lack of information required by UPS. Which I explained to Marshal White Hat and the State Trooper while we were all seated in my living room. That is when Marshal white hat pulled a copy of an invoice out of his brief case showing the Canadian purchase. The one I did not ship do to lack of info, being a number that I later got from the US Fish and wildlife service when I later purchased a license from them as per Marshal White Hat' suggestion. By this time I had learned a lot about my favorite state agency, while growing up, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife the author of the hunting and fishing regulations which was the publication that I waited for each year to plan out where to hunt and fish next. When they changed the name of the prettiest fish of all fresh water fish Dolly Varden to Bull trout I knew something was wrong, then they changed the name of the most plentiful fish Oregon called “Squaw Fish” to “Pike Minnow” the tax payers pay millions of dollars to local fishermen and women to catch this boney member of the fin community. Squaw fish have no scales like the baby Salmon Smollett they devour millions on the Salmon's maiden trip to sea. They the Salmon never return to land of small streams. Where countless animals large and small wait a year for their return. Fish, their body s flesh are designed to become the nutrients of the forests but life’s cycle of building new soils are ended before they can begin thanks to the Squaw fish. When it seemed as the Oregon Trooper and Marshall White hat were getting ready to leave my living room, by this time I knew I needed to do as they say, but what have they said the state trooper was clear the Marshal was not, he was supper friendly but vague, so I ask him point blank. What do you want me to do? His reply was simple, but practicable it was not. “Run each sale through the Oregon Fin travel permit system”! I did not argue about it. I said “OK, I will starting this new year as this season is almost over. In January 2020 I had about a dozen out of state orders so I logged on at Oregon's Fish and Wildlife's website with my user name and password selected “new permit” filled out the questions and selected the submit button, one for each order number 4 to number 11 for the year 2020. After a couple of days they were all denied so I called the lady that answered the phone at ODFW she had denied these permits she had perfectly sounding reasons, not one of them made since, she was obviously caught by surprise she had no training on this matter, what so ever, but she was a smart dedicated personable state employee so I explained the two armed men and we agreed to talk again. So I immediately called Marshal White hat it did not take him long to get back to me. He did, he said he would talk to ODFW not who but ODFW. White hat his report back was one permit for each species of fish good for one year. One for Tilapia, One for Trout, one for Channel catfish one for each species. That seemed reasonable I also got a name of the new person, Gabriel Garza we will call him the New Guy in charge of Fin trip permits he seemed like a conscientious state servant he was the only person there that tried to help with the Crawdad identification problem. We worked on the verbiage for the non Oregon resident Trout species Diploid (can reproduce and Triploid can not reproduce) That year our Channel catfish per fin permit got delayed not approved just delayed that is all it took 10 days of delay ruined one entire year of business if an individual did such a thing they would be sued for Business interference a civil matter with dire consequences no businessman would take the risk. A risk not even considered by the state biologists aka “fish police”. Channel catfish hatch each summer about or very near to the 4th of July and transferred to treated ponds almost immediately. We get them direct from their hatching trays before they go to ponds because the ponds have parasites, We get them not yet parasite exposed that is a big deal to our customers there are literally Billions of Catfish hatched each year yet we have a limited supply available for a very short period of time once a year period. We had a similar problem trout after talking directly to the new Guys supposed boss Scott and explaining the fish do not live in ponds and only Diploids are available at this time. The water right had been established to be 5,000 gallons per day plenty enough to raise and sell fry and the larger fingerlings, but not enough to raise them to market size for restaurants and fish markets. This is what he wrote in an email. David and Melissa “I need to revoke approval for permit 20-0495 for the shipment of diploid trout eggs to Green Hills Garden due to unresolved issues at the facilities. The issues are uncertainties of water rights and the holding/rearing of diploid trout within the flood plain of the Willamette basin. I could approve the shipment of triploid eggs as we work through the water right issues, but the combine issue makes approval less reasonable. Please continue to work with the district biologists to resolves these differences”. Thank you Scott Patterson Fish Propagation Manager, ODFW 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE Salem, Oregon 9730 Who told him to change his mind he never revealed, but it was about this time that he expressed frustration and bringing the US Marshall to the problem was my fault, but he also said I hope you and Jeramy can work things out. Jeramy who is my question? Mr Patterson is an extra ordinary career bureaucrat with excellent working habits and no BS reputation, but he has avoided me despite my requests for a sit down discussion of the facts. Who is pulling his chain? I do not know. Then the new Guy sent the oddest letter of all communications a supposed to be registered letter, but sent regular mail saying I was not supposed to ship fish out of state despite the fact that he personally had approved a permit in effect at the time, authorizing out of state shipments. I was concerned so I called the state trooper he did not answer so I left a message saying; I just got a letter from the new Guy at ODFW saying I was not supposed to ship out of state. Has anything changed since we last talked on this subject? If so please contact me ASP. I also called Marshal white hat he never responded either. Then I looked again at the new Guy's letter and to my surprise was the very law ORS 635-007-600 Except Aquaria species intended for aquaria use ORS 635-007-600 3a. Aquaria use means holding fish in closed systems where untreated effluent does not enter state waters. Why did he include it I do not know he seemed like a good man trying to do the right thing but this was more of a singmond slip, like in time often referred to as a “freudian slip” Making the unconscious conscious Psychoanalytic theory postulates a multitude of different change mechanisms, and a host of new ways of conceptualizing the change process continue to emerge as psychoanalytic theories themselves evolve and proliferate. At the most basic level, there is an understanding that change generally involves making the unconscious conscious, as expressed by Freud’s oft cited axiom: “Where id has been there shall ego be.” Although Freud’s understanding of the nature of the change process evolved over the course of his lifetime, central to his mature thinking was the idea that change involves first becoming aware of our instinctual impulses and unconscious wishes, and then learning to deal with them in a mature, rational, and reflective fashion. For Freud, a central premise was thus that we are driven by unconscious wishes that we are unaware of and this lack of awareness results in driven or self-defeating behavior. Freud believed we delude ourselves about reasons for our behaviors and this self-deception limits our choice. By becoming aware of our unconscious wishes and our defenses against them we increase the choices available to us. Thus, as we decrease the extent to which we are driven by unconscious factors we assume a greater degree of agency. So they scientists say. I say the new Guy is a spiritual being and a higher force for good exist despite all the evil around him, when push comes to a shove he will do the right thing as he did here and probably is unaware of his good deed when he did it. The District Biologist for my area Jeff Ziller as per Scott Patterson request I continued to work with him. He listened to all my problems the water rights, the short windows of availability in one ear and out the other. His focus was my lack of responsibility in shipping Crawdads. Crawdads are an item of, every fish species, in a drop down menu on ODFW website. The fact that Invasive Crawdads were released negligently in water just upstream from our fish farm by school children and the state new about it and never notified us farmers, no comment. School children in the state of Oregon were given these invasive crustaceans as school projects so they blame it on school children and not tell us that is responsible? Louisiana ships over 80,000 tons of live crayfish every year Mr Ziller did not know anything about that is Louisiana not Oregon The first I ever heard of the Invasive species “Red swamp crayfish” was I got a phone call from a newspaper in Grants Pass Oregon. The voice said we have a police report That a shipment of Red Swamp Crayfish was confiscated by police today that was shipped to a Grants Pass residence do you have a comment? The voice had no other information no names, address no anything other than a report. So I called the State Trooper and he said he would check it out and get back to me. Trooper Butchholz was soon at my door he confirmed the report they did have an invasive crawdad shipment. I then ask him? Am I in trouble? His reply was no, I had followed the law. The call made my phone ring and voice that came forth, made my brain ring, it was a man who wanted to come get a quantity of fish several different species right now. He was obviously talking nonsense to haul what he wanted he would need a fish truck like the kind one sees every day in Arkansas, but never in Oregon and his gutter mouth on permits and the law were insulting so I abruptly ended that call, believing happy hour was in effect somewhere. Then an order came in that I could not understand or find any clue as to from or why and it was a big one the biggest I had ever had. It was like gutter mouth wanting to come pick them up. The issue was to much it did not make since so I decided to talk to the authorities so the next Day off Marshal white hat office it was a two hour drive north in Wilsonville just south of Portland all locked up with a sign and a phone number to call, so I called it. A lady answered the phone I told her why I was there and she said no one was there that could help me, but she would pass my message on. I barely got started down I-5 headed back home when my phone rang it was Special m Agent Steve Stoinski from Lander Wyoming we will call him Marshal Black hat cause if the shoe fits wear it. He said he was in charge of my Investigation and that I should route all calls to him. He went on to claim authorities in Seven States were looking for me regarding the Interstate trafficking in fish, he went on to name the states. Black hat was condescending and the more he talked the more he sounded like gutter mouth, so after telling him why I was in Willsonville, I told him he sounded just like the caller and that I was on my way to the State Troopers office with a copy of the Invoice, that put a hush on his bark. By then I was at the state troopers office south of Salem. Trooper Buchholz was not in, but another officer said he would pass the information to Trooper Buchholz. The next day Trooper Buchholz called he reported that the purchaser was in Colorado. That did not explain the will come get them question? After considerable thinking what did I do that I wish I had not done. In my first contact with Wyoming Game and Fish Department and my license application pending I placed a craigslist add in Wyoming. Wyoming was a no go meaning nothing to Wyoming period, we found out later they consider Tilapia tropical fish so they can be shipped to Wyoming no problem. At the time I considered Wyoming off base we had plenty of business with out Wyoming. So why would I want an add in Wyoming? The answer is I didn't. I lost sleep over that question and this is what happened I think. Working late at night after a busy day dealing with my favorite people “my customers” doing craigslist adds can be therapeutic they take little thinking like video poker the faster you play the more you get done. The letters “wy” for Wyoming and the letters “wv” for West Virginia caused a case of mistaken identity, my mistake and a costly one at that. It justified Marshal Black Hat's claim “proof of intent” Why did you place an ad in Wyoming after you knew better? I could not say why, it was a mistake unintentional, but a mistake not meant to happen, but it did I made a mistake and I regret it big time. The large mystery order turned out to be a neighbor that had recently purchased what was my competition in the fish farm business. He owned land all over the country, but did not know why the trooper would think he was in Colorado, I never saw the trooper again, but I did learn of an undercover operation out of Colorado done in secret and most likely had something to do with it. Remember the letter from the new guy at ORFW letter saying I could not ship because I did not have any authority and enclosed a copy of the statute pertaining to the shipping of fish. We added it to the purchase description and understanding as to Aquaria is where the fish were going So we stated our authority to ship fish “ORS 635-007-600 3a. Aquaria use means holding fish in closed systems where untreated effluent does not enter state waters. We added “contact state for pond stocking permits.” in each invoice and sent it a copy, with all shipped fish there after. By this time a lawyer seemed a good idea, but where do start well I was married to the best lawyer I knew so I started there. Linda recommended asking our water rights advocates, the folks a father and son team surveyors specializing in water right's applications, that lead to a distinguish Salem lawyer who when he heard it involved water right he said that an easy recommend Laura A Schroeder in Portland my Assigned lawyer, a young fellow who did a great job of explaining Oregon state administrative law to me. Basically what he said was I had to exhaust the administrative law before I could seek action on a civil matter. There were ethics and I could seek another but they were bound by ethics, I did not want an unethical lawyer so I agreed I wanted a professional lawyers and that was important. The water rights issue was squashed I had 5,000 gallons of water per day to use for commercial purposes and that included raising fish for profit. Plenty of water to raise fingerlings, but no where near enough to raise Steel-head to market. Now we have the water rights, but we can not get eggs because of the required Fin permits. Soon the focus was on answering the ODFW questions and they had lots of them, they wanted to know the size of every fish tank and the working detail of each system thereof. They gathered all kinds of unknown information like there was a criminal investigation on going. That led to being warned that they were civil lawyers not criminal lawyers and I needed a criminal lawyer. They soon found one we will call him Michael. A conference call was arranged Laura and her para legal assistant, myself and Michael who did most of the talking he advised me not to talk to the police and why. I explained I had already done that and what I had said, the crawdads everything. He said it sounded like an interesting case. He would need a cash retainer of $5,000 and that we could let his office know. We did not have the cash so we talked it down to three thousand and that took a while to gather in the mean time we worked on the application for license renewal. When we finally got the cash together and stuck it in the mail, Michael office called and said Michael was busy and could not help us. Soon Laura's office was working with a lady we will call her lady justice, from the department of justice more questions, Anika E. Marriott Assistant Attorney General Oregon Department of Justice appeared it seemed like we were gaining and I actually thought we were going to get our license renewed until the last day of December 2020. Scott Patterson sent a letter that spelled the end of our business. So here we are a Fish Farm with virtually no fish. We got plenty of water along with the right to use it for commercial purposes a huge cash investment that took years to obtain. Enough to raise Steelhead for the local markets and the local restaurants that want fish. However, we cannot get the necessary eggs due to the fish police required Fin permit. Our tanks and ponds are full of Goldfish, Much to the delight of our local blue Herons and a pair of bald Eagles. The lawyers say an administrative hearing in Salem by the state of Oregon and a jury trial in federal court in Eugene Oregon are coming. They also say legislation is the best way to change a law. So, legislation it is, Fish lives matter, they should be treated as equals among their non finned fellow animals of this planet that live under the banner Livestock, like cows, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbets, domesticated fish belong into this category and should be treated as livestock. While we are at it, wild fish should be allowed to go up and down the rivers uninfringed. In memory of John Muir founder of the Siera club father of our national parks it is time to contact your congressman or women. Contact your two senators hes or shes whatever they maybe, tell them fish lives matter and law needs to say it. I am asking. For your help, for the cause Fish lives matter. together we can make it happen. All future orders will say. A donation Intended for the cause; ''Fish Lives Mater'' and shipping subject to the fish police which may take a while. Read ''our story'' above. SHIPPING WHEN OUR LAWYER SAYS OK. Will call You first. When the issue is resolved we will be ready. The U.S. Department of Justice has offered a Plea Agreement they want me to agree to conspiracy to commit violations of law. I followed the law as explained to me from the best source I could find at all times. When the Oregon state police Trooper accompanied by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent came to my home, I considered them the experts on the law. So, I did exactly what they ask of me. Then I get an alarming, ambiguous and contrary letter from the new guy Gabriel Garcia Biologist at Oregon fish and wildlife. I immediately called trooper Jim Buchholz of the Oregon State police told him of the new Guy's letter and reminded him of our past conversations. Then I asked him to call me back if he wanted to change what he had previously told me he did not call me back. I also called Special Agent Office of Law Enforcement aka "Marshal White Hat" he never called me back. Until much later more like months later then he did say. "HE NEVER GOT A CALL from me" That proved to be a misnomer as he later provided an email to the contrary. I did not conspire with any one I followed directions from the law period. I had out of state permits approved by Gariel Garza but I did ad the states definition of Aquaria. The law Oregon rule 635-007-0600 says Section (1) of this rule shall not apply to: (a) Aquaria species intended for Aquaria use. Aquaria use holding fish in closed system where untreated effluent does not enter state waters. Aquaria is a place not a kind of anything, a specific place, a place where the state has no jurisdiction. It is common since if the water is privately owned and does not drain into the state's water, it is not a concern of the state no matter what kind of fish it is or where other kinds of fish live. Aquaria is a private place intended for Aquaria use is intended for private use. So why? are they pursuing this? Why are they disregarding all agreements with individual states? Why are they saying I shipped fish to Lithuania illegally when they know I was licensed permit number A17980 U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, 2800 Cottage Way RM W2928, Sacramento, CA, 95825. all out of country orders were shipped according to that offices directions? and the U.S. customers declarations were made as required by UPS before shipping can take place. My theory is that when my lawyers brought up the two non-approved "fin permits" one for channel catfish and one for diploid trout both of which I was licensed for and would have been approved by the staff had not someone with a lot of power interfered with the staff. That person had enough power to override the department managers Scott Patterson, prior approval. My state license named Channel catfish and diploid trout therefor I had the civil right to possession, but that civil right was violated a real crime a felony and a cover up of that crime another felony. The coverup is always worse than the original crime. The fish police a ledge a misdemeanor I am alleging two felonies if it was football or any other sport what would happen? Nothing! Offsetting penalties. There was a conspiracy not by me or anyone other than the conspirators that violated my civil rights. Do I feel good about this truth no I do not. Tyranny is not a good thing even when done for good reason. Putting me out of business was a bad thing. They had plenty of opportunity to help and most state officials were trying. Wahington state was scheduled to inspect our facility. We were communicating with all the states, had the conspirators looked for compliance they would have found compliance. Where are all the communications with numerous state official including state attorney generals and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding my attempts to obtain Fin permits? They were all about entrapment, public servants they were not! I had a dream I was floating above a crowd of folks all standing in line, it was a longer line than the one for Ron Paul when he came to Anchorage AK even longer than the line when Trump came to Eugene it was a long line. As I floated to the front of line the faces of the people appeared as pictures. At the very front of the line was a wall, in front of the wall were tables where people were getting tattoos. On the other side of the wall was a long concrete looking building with a couple of acres of vacant space surrounded by a cyclone type metal fence with barbed wire facing inward with two smokestacks in the distance. Not a person in sight nothing then I was over the "Tank Farm" a place where Pilots report their position when arriving from the west to the Eugene Airport flight control tower in order to get landing instructions for landing at Mahlon sweet airport. I could see in the distance mostly vacant land with west 11th in sight Ocean street, where I learned timing was everything to real estate developers. Ken Slayton and his wife Francis had a son Kenny my best friend growing up in Eugene Oregon. Kenny and I worked for has parent's business called "Eugene building wreckers" We tore down buildings and hauled the pieces out west 11th to their small acreage next to St Timothy Methodist church. We took wrecking bars and Sledge hammers to motels in Glenwood along the Willamette river, a hotel across the river on Main Street in Springfield and the old house on the river bank. They put Kenny and I a picture on the front page of the Register Guard when we found a bag of gold dust in the ceiling rafters of that old house. The Slayton's had invested all their money into this subdivision way out west 11th when west 11th was pretty much vacant land past Chamber Street. Francis Mrs. Slayton said they named it Ocean street so that people would know where it was out west 11th towards the Ocean. The city put in Ocean street and assessed the property owners the costs plus intertest when the payment was due that was hard times for Kenny's folks they knew hard times like when they raised Nutria and the market crashed. It took a few years, but they made the payments and finally sold all the lots. I could now see my old Register Guard paper route. The west side of Hwy 99 from Four corners to Barger Drive between the highway and the railroad tracks a small mostly mobile home and a few small businesses like the old Flying "A" gas station and the new Curtis for service with the great big pumpkin sign. The worst paper rout in town, but it was my job, when I was a ninth grader on a bike. The best job I had on highway 99 was working for Harold Gravis a real businessman he owned land all over, he taught me how to scrub floors and make them shine for his customers that packed his Lynwood Cafe especially on weekends. the building still stands today, probably not for long it is in fenced up foreclosure looking Eye sore on a thriving community of Bethal Danebo today. Over the overpass where the highway crosses the railroad tracks past the ponds I caught my first bluegill to the big Y Called the big Y because the highway splits into two street 7th west bound and 6th east bound. Across the west bound lane was the huge Hobo camp that Kenny I used to walk through when we lived on 18th street close to Westmorland grade school where I did one through six. Hobo Camps wern't like homeless camps no plastic or paper anything may be an old burnt out can or a wine bottle. Sometime Kenny and I would find dozens of beer bottles left by the big kids in cars they were worth a penny each a dozen and half you could buy a gallon of gas. East to Tyler street where Bill Sanderson and I built our first motel two buildings one on 6th and one on 7th avenue. Past the fish market that sold all the steelhead we brought them, past Bill Countryman office where I sold my first million dollars past the old cleaners building across the street from the only standard oil around. My second office building to actually own I was proud of it in it's day. Past Willamette street while I was in High school every Friday and Saturday night "Drag the Gut" every kid in town that had a car was there. A picture drawing on the wall of a building I recognized as one I had seen years before when John M Steinmuller a client sent me to Auburn, WA to talk to the folks at GSA Government services Administration. they wanted to build the building in Eugene, OR and they had several properties located in various places in the United States that they wanted to exchange for land in Eugene to build the building on. The west Woodburn property that belonging to the Nazarene church and Gordon T Olson led Ed Cone and John O Chat they all were in play to make a deal. Driving my old Blue chevy pickup I was, with a load of, trash headed to the dump I was. That building was directly ahead on my left, but I did a right, went a block and did a right again I did. When all the trash fell into the street it did, I began gathering old lumber and limbs, as I climbed a top of the heap someone threw me a line which secured the load. A crowd gathered one man dressed in suite stood like a statue in the middle of the group he was the leader of the pack they saved the day the pickup was loaded. Then this little boy climbed up a limb and some one, gave him a gentle lift, as I said; no, he fell through the limbs into the bed of the pickup truck. I yelled a "little boy is buried under all this stuff we need to get him out". A thick fog settled in as it was raining, and the crowd was gone not a sole in sight. As I pulled with all my might on a wet limb, I suddenly realized it was a sheet on my bed. I was crying Senator Morris! "I feel your pain". I jump up, looked out the window it was extremely fogy an almost was. Opened the front door to see the pickup when I realized I sold that old pickup two weeks ago. 

It is May 12, 2023 I met my lawyer Kurt D Hermansen at his office on Willamette street. Then we walked past senator Morris's statue in front of the county court house to the Federal Court house a short walk. After going thru security in the lobby we arrived at the door of the US Attorney Adam Delph, who met us at the door and graciously led us to a conference room with a single long table I sat directly across from the US Attorney. Mr Hermansen's staff Adam Choka and Brittany Morrow arrived by another route and sat to my right,  Mr. Hermansen sat to my left. He cautioned me to keep quiet and to poke him if I wanted to ask a question but let him do the talking. The US Attorney did most of the talking in the beginning, acknowledged my expertness in fish and my not being a criminal he acknowledged my frustration in the system. He introduced Paul Monturi, Special Agent US Fish and Wildlife Service aka “Marshal White Hat” He got the name “Marshal White Hat” because he came to my aid when ODFW denied my batch of permits requested as per his instructions 3 years ago. He was a hero then and could again if he wanted to.  He did not have any hat at all, but did have a black mask he looked more like Zarth Bader, Both Kurt Hermansen and myself sat hat in hand while “Marshal White Hat” Laid out his case which relied on his interpretation of Game fish Definitions ORS 496-009 unless the context requires otherwise game fish means game fish 635-056-0010 1. “Aquaria” means any tanks, pools, ponds, bowls or other containers intended for and capable of holding or maintaining live fish and from which there is no outfall to any waters of this state. Which is similar to ORS 635-007-600 Aquaria use means holding fish in a closed systems where untreated effluent does not enter state waters. That is a definable place It is wet it is water and it belongs to the state it is not my water or is it my customers water. Aquaria is that other place, not the states place at all, nada. 
I never owned “Game fish” I never sold “Game fish” none nada on Game fish “no touch the game fish”.
 The scientific community has given each animal including all fish species a Latin name Rainbow Trout are Oncorhynchus mykiss and Channel Catfish are Ictalurus punctatus that is it period why give it another name? That is the name used to describe our fish on our invoices and the name used to describe our fish on all the FIN permits. Game fish and state waters no way Jose, not my Territory.
As Marshal white hat continued explaining that the volume of sales and his reference to “Texas where they do not care” I poked Mr Hermansen in the leg, I did. How embarrassing; the power of sugesstion.

 Brad Tarrillion, New Braunfel, Texas ordered  60 Tilapia Why the poke? Tilapia are not on the list ORS 496 009 and Marshal white hat told me to not ship them back in April of 2021. As always I complied with every request, why did he become not available as in unobtainable? Why no to Texas? a state he Marshal White Hat, just said “Does not care”. Tilapia is not listed as a “Game fish” in any of the various writings about Game fish.  Why “No''?  The story of the guy that only had one tool a Hammer and soon all his problems looked like nails. US Attorney Adam Delph noticed the poke and called time for me to confer with my Lawyer and ask Marshal White Hat to step outside they did and we talked  and agreed to talk more. They the US Attorney Adam Delph and the Special Agent Paul Montuori came back in and sat down. That is when I told them the problem you put me out of business. I can not get the eggs to hatch is like no seed to plant. Bottom line no harvest no anything. put me out of business!  Special Agent Paul Montuori politely told us that he was not in on the decision by ODFW to not renew our license because our ponds are in the flood plain and contain fish that would escape if that every 100 year flood came today and the fish Marshal White Hat claimed concer was mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) A little Mosquito fish knowledge can go a long way to understanding the absurdity of that proposition. Wikipedia says
The western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) is a North American freshwater fish, also known commonly, if ambiguously, as simply mosquitofish or by its generic name, Gambusia, or by the common name gambezi. Its sister species, the eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) is also referred to by these names.
Mosquitofish are small in comparison to many other freshwater fish, with females reaching a maximum length of 7 cm (2.8 in) and males a maximum length of 4 cm (1.6 in). The female can be distinguished from the male by her larger size and a gravid spot at the posterior of her abdomen. The name "mosquitofish" was given because the fish eats mosquito larvae, and has been used more than any other fishes for the biological control of mosquitoes.[ 
I say Mosquito fish are “Puddle fish” in the category of superfluous name it belongs in the Bait fish group and like “Game fish” it lives in state waters and private waters. In our ponds they are Bass food just like the invasive crayfish from Louisiana.
The ponds in the flood plain have nothing to do with our fish hatchery only Tilapia, Rainbow Trout and Channel Catfish are hatched in captivity. The rest like the Bass and their prime food fish Bluegil they wild spawn. Trout and Catfish are unique in they both give up their eggs to the clever manipulation of man . They are true livestock just like ancient Egyptians considered Tilapia livestock hundreds of thousand of years ago. Today Tilapia is the number one farmed fish world wide. Trout and catfish come in two and three if you count trouts taste alike cousin Salmon then trouts in the lead, Southern fried catfish hush puppy’s are hard to beat. 
The Mosquito fish at our farm most likely came from the city of Eugene's Storm sewer drains hundreds of homes across the road via a ditch along our north boundary.
Special Agent Paul Montuori aka “Marshal White Hat” uncovered the current reason for not renewing our fish propagation license. Ponds in the flood plane, from Invasive species “Crawdads” in the ponds.
Special Agent Paul Montuori aka Marshal White Hat could find out why the two permits were not approved something that my lawyers were unable to discover. The first was for Channel catfish that was only available for a brief period in time. The second was Rainbow trout first approved then approval rescinded, Why? My lawyers were unable to discover that either. The mishandling of those two permits was the beginning of “The Trouble in River city” it is like at the heart of the matter, find out and learn the truth, is always a good policy. Special Agent Paul Montuori aka Marshall White Hat proved to me that he has the ability, when he negotiated the non resident one species one permit for one year rule. That is when he became Marshal White Hat and the good “Guy” in this story of “Guys”. He can tell folks in far away places that are fish are strong and healthy tested in three states all negative they were. They are raised in sterile well water and shipped in sterile well water unlike most hatcheries.
Adam Delph Assistant U.S. Attorney, 405 E 8th avenue suite 2400, Eugene, OR, 97401, is now the guy in charge and I am impressed.

 Cadice Owen's character shines with elegance and rings charm with the wisdom of Solomon she has in abundance.