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75 Live Channel Catfish for sale Shipping July 2021


Live Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) 50% male 50% female these are the big ones for sale.

They are less than 1/16 of an inch and growing very fast .

We guarantee live delivery.

Great for stocking your pond or Aquaponics and great eating.

Channel catfish possess very keen senses of smell and taste.[citation needed] At the pits of their nostrils (nares) are very sensitive odor sensing organs with a very high concentration of olfactory receptors.[citation needed] In channel catfish, these organs are sensitive enough to detect several amino acids at about one part per 100 million in water.[citation needed] In addition, the channel catfish has taste buds distributed over the surface of its entire body.[citation needed] These buds are especially concentrated on the fish's four pair of barbels (whiskers) surrounding the mouth — about 25 buds per square millimeter.[citation needed] This combination of exceptional senses of taste and smell allows the channel catfish to find food in dark, stained, or muddy water with relative ease.[citation needed] Channel catfish also possess a Weberian apparatus, which amplifies sound waves that would otherwise not be perceivable. Wikipedia